Broadstone terminus

In Lotus Eaters Bloom imagines that the couple leaving the Grosvenor Hotel are "Off to the country: Broadstone probably," and in Wandering Rocks Mr. Dudley White stands on Array Quay "undecided whether he should arrive at Phibsborough more quickly by a triple change of tram or by hailing a car or on foot through Smithfield, Constitution hill and Broadstone terminus." Both passages refer to a railway station in the northwest part of inner Dublin, at the top of Constitution Hill between Smithfield and Phibsborough. In 1904 it served as the terminus, or endpoint, of the Midland Great Western Railway Company, whose trains went to the west of Ireland.

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 Cabs at the Broadstone Terminus in a photograph taken some time after 1877, when the harbor in front of the station was filled in. Source: www.pinterest.

  Railway Junction Diagram produced by the Railway Clearing House in 1912, showing MGWR lines in yellow, the canal extension to Broadstone Terminus, and the station's passenger entrance and cattle gate. The map also shows Dublin's three other major train stations: Kingsbridge at lower left, Westland Row at lower right, and Amiens Street north of Westland Row. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

  The Broadstone in a photograph taken some time before the harbor was filled in. Source:

  2020 photograph by Laurel Lodged of the Broadstone building, now a bus depot. Source: Wikimedia Commons.