In an earlier novel, Stephen had theorized about literary "epiphanies"—sudden spiritual manifestations, in his words. In Proteus, he mocks these ineffable insights mercilessly. But the concept of the epiphany was fundamental to Joyce's shift from writing poetry to writing prose fiction.

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Photograph of man cleaning the clock on the second-story wall of the Ballast Office in Westmoreland Street. Source: www.facebook.com.

Gentile da Fabriano, Adoration of the Magi, 1423 tempera on panel painting, held in the Uffizi gallery, Florence. Source: smarthistory.org.

Oil painting of John's baptism of Jesus by Piero della Francesca, ca. 1445, originally part of an altarpiece at the Priory of St. John The Baptist in Umbria, now held in the National Gallery, London. Source: paxtonvic.wordpress.com.

Robert Scholes and Richard M. Kain, The Workshop of Daedalus.
Source: www.ebay.ie.