Buck Mulligan

Ulysses begins with "Stately, plump Buck Mulligan" stepping onto the stage afforded by a former military tower and gaily mocking the Catholic faith. Joyce modeled Malachi Mulligan on his one-time friend Oliver St. John Gogarty, a medical student who said in a personal letter that he rented the tower in order to give Joyce a place to live and write.

JH 2011

1899 photographic portrait of Oliver Gogarty, reproduced in Richard Ellmann's biography courtesy of Oliver D. Gogarty. Source: Ellmann, James Joyce.

Oil painting by Jooce Garrett after a portrait by Augustus John, featured on the cover of Ulick O'Connor's biography.  Source: O'Connor, Oliver St John Gogarty.

1911 portrait by Irish painter William Orpen. Source: Wikimedia Commons.