Westland Row

Nearly all of Lotus Eaters takes place on or within one block of "Westland row," a street that runs along the eastern edge of the campus of Trinity College. In 1904 it was an important thoroughfare, featuring one of the city's four major train stations, a beautiful Catholic church, an elegant small hotel, and a post office. (The hotel and the post office are gone now, but the train station and the church remain.) In the second paragraph Bloom looks in the window of a tea company not far from the street's north end. Shortly after, he visits the post office and the church. Near the chapter's conclusion he enters a pharmacy at the south end of the street to buy some soap and skin lotion.

John Hunt 2022

Ian Gunn and Stephen Patterson's map of Bloom's wanderings in Lotus Eaters. Source: Gunn and Hart, A Topographical Guide.

Photograph of unknown date, looking south along Westland Row from a point just north of the train station entrance and the Loopline railway overpass. The post office was in the left foreground in 1904, and the tea shop in the right foreground, both of them below the overpass. Sweny's pharmacy (invisible) was at the far end.

Photograph of unknown date, looking north along Westland Row from a point just south of St. Andrew's church (columns and pediment). Source: www.pinterest.ie.