Agendath Netaim

The "pile of cut sheets" on the butcher's counter in Calypso, used for wrapping meat, evidently consists of pieces of newspaper containing various advertisements. When Bloom takes up a page while waiting in line, he reads about a "model farm at Kinnereth." Later, as he walks back along Dorset Street, he reads about "Agendath Netaim: planters' company." These are two different ads, but both promote settlements in Palestine, suggesting that the butcher reads papers with strong Zionist leanings. The apparent mention of "Moses Montefiore" somewhere on the page of ads confirms for Bloom that Dlugacz is Jewish: "I thought he was."

John Hunt 2017

Model farm at Kinnereth, from a photograph on the letterhead of the Palestine Land Development Company, held in the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem. Source: Louis Hyman, The Jews of Ireland, Plate XIX.

Stock certificate made out to Leon Simon for five shares of the PLDC in 1910, with mention (red ink) of "Kinnereth" and reproduction of the same photograph. Source:

1881 oil portrait of Sir Moses Montefiore. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Sketch of Montefiore in Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore (London, 1890). Source: Wikimedia Commons.