Boland's bread

Although Bloom ventures out of his house for only a brief single-purpose shopping trip in Calypso, the chapter mentions a large number of shops and businesses scattered about eastern Dublin. With the notable exception of Bloom's destination in this chapter, the pork butcher's shop, all of them (indeed, all the businesses in the novel) were actual establishments. Viewed on a map, they constitute a kind of Shopper's Guide to the more commercial eastern half of Dublin.

John Hunt 2017

Schematic map of Dublin with arrows added to show Dorset Street Upper (dark blue), Dorset Street Lower (red), Dame Street (orange), Great Brunswick Street (purple), Grafton Street (brown), St. Stephen's Green West (grey), Dawson Street (black), Henry Street (pink), Capel Street (green), Tara Street (aqua), and the Rotunda (yellow). Source: Hart and Knuth, A Topographical Guide to Ulysses.

Photograph of horsedrawn bread van, date unknown. Source:

Ad inviting customers lacking telephones to mail in a postcard requesting home delivery. Source:

Plasto's on Great Brunswick Street in 1900, next to the Sir Philip Crampton memorial. Source:

Advertisement for Plasto's hats, date unknown. Source: