What way?

"What way is he taking us?" Jack Power asks "through both windows" of the carriage, apparently swiveling his gaze in two directions to get his bearings. "— Irishtown, Martin Cunningham said. Ringsend. Brunswick street." Starting from the Dignams' house in Sandymount, the funeral procession travels north along the "Tritonville road" and the Irishtown Road, through the poor suburbs of Irishtown and Ringsend. It then turns west on the Ringsend Road and crosses first the River Dodder and then "The grand canal" on its way to Great Brunswick (now Pearse) Street, a major thoroughfare on the south side of central Dublin. This path takes it to the Carlisle (O'Connell) Bridge over the Liffey.

John Hunt 2015

The route of the funeral procession superimposed on Hanni Bailey's simplified map of Dublin, which shows Sandymount extending farther to the east than it did in Bloom's time) Source: Anderson, James Joyce.