Dan Dawson's speech

One of the three formal orations read or recited in Aeolus is said to be "the speech last night" of a actual Dublin merchant and politician, "Dan Dawson." Although no evidence has surfaced of his having composed the sentences and they certainly did not appear in the 16 June 1904 issue of the Freeman's Journal, they appear to be characteristic of other Dawson speeches published in the newspaper. The men in the newspaper office have a grand time mocking the overblown prose. In Hades some discomfort attends Bloom's offer to open up the day's Freeman and read the speech to the men in his carriage.

John Hunt 2019

Photograph of Dawson in Ephraim Cosgrave's Dublin and County Dublin: Contemporary Biographies (1908). Source: jjon.org.

Drawing of Dawson that appeared in the 23 March 1889 issue of The Jarvey. Source: jjon.org.

Ad for Dawson's bread in the 2 December 1882 issue of the Freeman's Journal. Source: jjon.org.