Gaiety Theatre

Of the large conventional theaters operating in Dublin in 1904, only "the Gaiety" still operates today, the Theatre Royal and the Queen's Theatre having both closed their doors in the 1960s. This theater is mentioned more times in Ulysses than the other two combined, partly because Bloom considers attending a performance there on the night of June 16, and partly because, in Dublin's less than highbrow theatrical milieu, the Gaiety staged a greater number of reputable productions than the competition. It hosted many distinguished actors, four of whom surface in Bloom's and Molly's thoughts.

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Poster advertising Mrs. Bandmann-Palmer's six performances at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre during the week of 16 June 1904. Source:

Valentine Cameron Prinsep's oil portrait of Dame Madge Kendal playing Lady Giovanna in Tennyson's The Falcon (ca. 1880). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The house at the Gaiety Theatre today. Source: