Queen's Theatre

The funeral cort├Ęge in Hades passes "the Queen's theatre" at 209 Great Brunswick (now Pearse) Street, one of several major theaters mentioned in Ulysses, along with the Theatre Royal and the Gaiety Theatre. Of these three purveyors of popular entertainment the Queen's Theatre set its sights lowest, though for a time in the 1950s and 60s it housed the more prestigious Abbey Theatre. It closed its doors in 1969.

John Hunt 2020

Entry in the 1885 Era Almanack describing the Queen's Theatre. Source: www.arthurlloyd.co.uk.

Mid-20th century photograph from Philip B. Ryan's Lost Theatres of Dublin, showing the Queen's Theatre when it housed the Abbey Theatre Company. Source: soundcloud.com.

The Queen's Theatre for sale in 1968, in a photograph held in the RTE archives. Source: twitter.com.