Theatre Royal

The "Theatre Royal in Hawkins street," so identified in Ithaca, was one of several large theaters in Dublin in 1904, along with the Queen's Theatre and the Gaiety Theatre, offering middle-brow entertainment like pantomimes, light opera, musical comedy, music-hall shows, variety shows, and popular drama. Over the course of nearly a century and a half it operated in several different buildings on the same site: the "old Royal" recalled several times in Ulysses (1821-80), the newer structure that Joyce knew (1987-1935), and a third facility that was built much later (1935-62).

John Hunt 2020

Engraving ca. 1821 of the older Theatre Royal on Hawkins Street, called "The New Theatre Royal" in the caption because there had been two earlier theaters of that name in different locations. Source:

Photograph of the newer Theatre Royal on Hawkins Street ca. 1910-1930, held in the National Library of Ireland. Source: