Mother Slipperslapper

In Hades Bloom imagines that women tending to a corpse would "Slop about in slipperslappers for fear he'd wake." In Circe Zoe calls Bella Cohen "Mother Slipperslapper," and later in that chapter a "woman's slipperslappers" are among the items flung at Bloom as he flees the whorehouse. This is not a commonly used word. The sense seems to be simply "slippers": flimsy slip-on house shoes. Joyce's name Mother Slipperslapper suggests that he has taken his long word from an old English folk song called The Fox, or A Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night. If Bloom is thinking of this song in Hades, he is, very typically, keeping dismal adult facts of life at bay with the childish play of nursery rhymes.

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Amanda Powell and Apollo's Fire performing The Fox on 30 October 2015. Source:

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Sheet music of The Fox, with the American variant, Flipper-Flopper. Source:

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