In a chapter full of references to wind, Bloom uses the word "puff" to describe what his client, Alexander Keyes, wants in return for renewing a recurring ad in the Freeman's Journal: "he practically promised he'd give the renewal. But he wants just a little puff. What will I tell him, Mr Crawford?" He seems to be referring to Keyes' request that the publisher run a short paragraph in the Evening Telegraph, a sister newspaper operated from the same offices on Prince's Street. But Keyes also wants some input into the appearance of the Freeman ad—which too might count as a puff.

Doug Pope 2018

Two paragraphs puffing the "American Doctors" on Kildare Street, on p. 2 of the 16 June 1904 Evening Telegraph (an article, not part of the "prepaid notices"). Source: www.splitpea.co.uk.