Graham Lemon's

The beginning of Lestrygonians finds Bloom one block north of the Liffey on O'Connell Street, gazing in the windows of a candy shop that the narrative refers to as "Graham Lemon's" but that most people knew as Lemon & Co. A royal license in the shop window prompts Bloom, in an act of comic subversion, to picture the British monarch as a grotesquely overgrown child.

John Hunt 2020

"Manufacturers to His Majesty the King" language on an English twin bed made by Staples & Co., Ltd., announcing the "Royal Warrant" granted to Staples by King George V in 1915. Source:

The same words on a mineral water label of unknown date. Source:

Sheet music of the British anthem published in the October 1745 issue of The Gentleman's Magazine. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

2019 photograph showing old signage for "The Confectioners Hall" of Lemon & Co. above the current business. Embedded in the sidewalk is a bronze plaque commemorating the candy shop's appearance in Ulysses. Source: John Hunt.

2019 photograph of Robin Buick's bronze plaque. Source: John Hunt.