Christian Brothers

In Lestrygonians Bloom sees "a christian brother" buying sweets for his young students ("Some school treat"), and in Wandering Rocks some "Christian brother boys" are seen leaving a school in North Richmond Street in the afternoon, a scene anticipated in Araby. The parents of Stephen Dedalus disparage the Christian Brothers in A Portrait of the Artist as they try to get their son out of this school and into the nearby Belvedere College run by the more intellectually challenging, socially prestigious, and economically advantageous Jesuits.

JH 2020

The Christian Brothers' school (left side of the street) on North Richmond Street, seen from the North Circular Road in a 2019 photograph. Source: John Hunt.

The Christian Brothers' school on Synge Street in a photograph of unknown date. Source:

Photograph from the second half of the 19th century of three Irishmen (Dominic Fursey Bodkin, Patrick Ambrose Treacy, and John Barnabas Lynch) who brought the Christian Brothers order to Australia. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Portrait, date unknown, of Edmund Ignatius Rice. Source: