Wellington Quay

New space-time. Section 10 of Wandering Rocks is anticipated in the previous section when Lenehan and M'Coy see a "darkbacked figure" perusing the books on a cart "under Merchants' Arch." In the new section Bloom is seen looking at books inside a shop rather than at an outdoor cart, but he is almost certainly the same man and he appears not to have wandered far from the covered archway. He is probably on Wellington Quay––where Lenehan and M'Coy were last seen walking, and where Bloom will be seen walking at the beginning of Sirens. This section has two interpolations, both anticipating section 19.

John Hunt 2023

1886 photograph of Dollard's Printworks on Wellington Quay, seen from across the Grattan Bridge. Source: www.archiseek.com.

Detail of 1900 Bartholomew map with added blue arrow showing Bedford Row (drawn but unlabeled) and red arrow showing Merchants' Arch (undrawn). Source: Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland.

Alain Le Garsmeur's early 1990s photograph of a bookstall near Merchant's Arch, probably on Crampton Quay. Source: McCabe and Le Garsmeur, Reflections of Ireland.