Arbour Hill

The unnamed narrator of Cyclops starts the chapter with some precise geographical coordinates: "I was just passing the time of day with old Troy of the D. M. P. at the corner of Arbour hill there and...who should I see dodging along Stony Batter only Joe Hynes." Arbour Hill and Stoneybatter are two contiguous areas in northwest Dublin and also the main roads within those areas. The narrator is standing at the intersection of the two streets, having walked several blocks down from number "29 Arbour hill," where he was trying to collect on a debt. That house lies very near two important spots for Irish revolutionary history.

John Hunt 2019

2019 photograph of "the corner of Arbour Hill" (left) and the more commercial Stoneybatter Road (right).  Source: John Hunt.

Detail of 1920 Bartholomew map of Dublin, with arrows showing the intersection of Arbour Hill and Stoneybatter roads (blue) and the location of 29 Arbour Hill just east of the barracks and military prison (red). Source: Norman B. Leventhal Map and Education Center, Boston Public Library.


29 Arbour Hill, on the corner of Ard Righ Road, in 2019. Source: John Hunt.

The back of the Royal Barracks, seen in 2019 from the Arbour Hill road. Source: John Hunt.

2014 photography by Smirkybec of the Arbour Hill Prison and Church of the Sacred Heart on Arbour Hill road. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

2010 photograph of a springtime ceremony at the gravesite of the leaders of the 1916 Rising, in the Arbour Hill Prison cemetery. Source: Wikimedia Commons.