London via long sea

In Eumaeus Bloom thinks of "a longcherished plan he meant to one day realise some Wednesday or Saturday of travelling to London via long sea... Martin Cunningham frequently said he would work a pass through Egan." A company called the British and Irish Steampacket Company did take passengers from Dublin to London, leaving every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday evening, and a man named Alfred W. Egan did run the company's Dublin office.

John Hunt 2023

 Advertisement for B&I steamships in the 11 May 1900 Irish Times, with "A. W. Egan, Secretary" mentioned near the end. Source: Bill Egan.

 Dublinprojekt's 2016 photograph of the former B&I building on John Rogerson's Quay, with the company's name carved at the top. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

 Poster advertising the B&I steamers, produced ca. 1911-14 .