Localities in Ireland

An Odysseus manqué, Bloom dreams throughout the day (beginning with his Mideastern reveries in Calypso and Lotus Eaters) of seeing the sights in far-flung places. His fantasies turn bittersweet in Ithaca when he contemplates leaving Molly: the narrative notes that "departure" is rendered "desirable" by "The attractive character of certain localities in Ireland and abroad," i.e. famous tourist attractions. Nearby, there are wonders recalling the enthusiastic lists in Cyclops: "The cliffs of Moher, the windy wilds of Connemara, lough Neagh with submerged petrified city, the Giant's Causeway, Fort Camden and Fort Carlisle, the Golden Vale of Tipperary, the islands of Aran, the pastures of royal Meath, Brigid's elm in Kildare, the Queen's Island shipyard in Belfast, the Salmon Leap, the lakes of Killarney." Bloom's aspiration to travel to these celebrated sites invites comparison with Gabriel Conroy's deteremination to "journey westward" at the end of The Dead.

JH 2020

The cliffs of Moher in a 2016 issue of the Irish Times. Source: www.irishtimes.com.

Polished surface of a Connemara marble slab. Source: www.galwaygeology.net.

Scene from the Aran Islands, in a photograph of unknown date. Source: www.claddaghdesign.com.

Imagined scene under Lough Neagh, by an unknown photographer. Source: celticmythshow.com.

The damaged Harland and Wolff Shipyard in 1941, after the Belfast Blitz raids, in a composite photograph from the Belfast Telegraph. Source: wartimeni.com.

The Giant's Causeway, in a photograph of unknown date. Source: www.irishnews.com.

Late 19th century photograph of Fort Carlisle as seen from across the water in Fort Camden, held in the Lawrence Collection of the National Library of Ireland. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Panoramic photograph, date unknown, of the Golden Vale of Tipperary. Source: www.tripadvisor.com.

2011 photograph by Cqui of the Upper Lake in Killarney National Park. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

2013 photograph by Michael Foley of pastures in County Meath. Source: www.flickr.com.

Photograph of the Salmon Leap from an album presented to King Edward after his visit to Ireland in 1903, held in the Royal Collection Trust. Source: www.rct.uk.

1941 physical map of Ireland with arrows showing Connemara, the Aran islands, and the Cliffs of Moher (purple), the Giant's Causeway, Lough Neagh, and Fort Camden (orange), the Lakes of Killarney, Golden Vale, and Queenstown Harbor (red), and the River Boyne, Leixlip, and Kildare (blue). Source: www.rct.uk.