Bedford Row

New space-time. Section 13 of Wandering Rocks follows Stephen Dedalus as he walks through two streets in the Temple Bar area quite close to where Bloom has walked on his way to Wellington Quay. Not only does Stephen seem to be virtually retracing Bloom's steps, but like Bloom he spends much of his time in this section looking at a bookseller's wares, establishing continuity with section 10. More such continuity ties it to section 6, which showed Stephen standing in front of Trinity College, and to section 11, when Dilly Dedalus was on Bachelor's Walk. Two interpolations that seem uniquely responsive to a character's thoughts direct readers' attention far away to the southeast and the northeast. The first of these effects yet another spatiotemporal linkage, to section 19.

John Hunt 2024

Detail of 1851 Tallis & Rapkin map with arrows showing Stephen's location in section 6 (blue) and on Bedford Row (red), and Dilly's location in section 11 (orange). Source:

Poorly dressed children on a Dublin street in the early 1900s. Source:

Detail of 1900 Bartholomew map of Dublin with arrows showing Bedford Row (orange), the London Bridge over the River Dodder (blue), and the intersection of Northumberland Road and Haddington Road (red). Source: Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland.